Morris Adjmi Architects

45 East 7th

34,000 square feet
7 stories, 21 units
New York, New York

This new LPC-approved condominium building is located within the East Village/Lower East Side Historic District. From a distance, it may look like any other tenement in the neighborhood, but move closer and the façade's unique details emerge.

45 East 7th Street is a boutique condominium building located on the site of a deadly gas explosion that leveled three tenement buildings previously occupying the corner of 7th and 2nd Avenue. 

In response to this tragedy, MA wanted to design a contextually traditional building that also embodied timeless sensibilities—a refined but practical approach to luxury that places emphasis on solid and durable construction, sustainability, and advancements in technology.

Similar to traditional tenement buildings found throughout the neighborhood, 45 East 7th features a tripartite façade that consists of a base, middle, frieze, and cornice separated by stone banding courses. Following tradition, MA also decided to use different brickwork details for each portion of its façade. 

The building's ground level is defined by brick piers in a single corbel pattern. The middle portion, spanning floors 2-6, utilizes a custom L-shaped brick in a modular pattern that results in a striking checkerboard motif. This pattern is commonly found throughout the historic district as a decorative element below windows or in banding courses, but here it covers most of the building's façade. A third brick pattern consisting of a double corbel comprises the frieze between the 6th and 7th floors.

The building's façade also features 7’-tall European-engineered windows that flood the interiors with natural sunlight, combining contextual cues with contemporary influences. 

45 East 7th's unconventional use of hand-laid brick creates an incredibly dynamic play of light and shadow that changes throughout the day, lending the bricks a multi-tonal quality. The building's cornice resembles those of adjacent structures but is composed of a perforated metal panel—simultaneously fitting in and standing out.


The use of high-quality and timeless materials continues within 45 East 7th. Wood, stone, and streamlined detailing culminate in a clean and contemporary interior design. French oak floors are found throughout the residential units, and wood accent walls can be found in the common corridors and in the building's fitness center. The building features two communal terraces, on the second floor as well as the roof. Several units on the higher floors have detached private balconies, and the penthouse unit features a large terrace that wraps around both 7th Street and 2nd Avenue.