Morris Adjmi Architects

Asher Interior Art Program

50 artworks
Tampa, Florida

Artwork (Left to Right): William LaChance, Aloe Vera & California Psychics ; Andrew Zimmerman, Ver Epicea

The Art Program at Asher is a uniquely ambitious and comprehensive building-wide presentation of contemporary art. Nearly 50 works of art were curated by MA to reflect Asher's dynamic combination of sophisticated design and relaxed urban living.

Artwork: Windy Chien, Circuit Board
Artwork: Andrew Zimmerman, Ver Epicea
Artwork: Hyun Jung Ahn, Hundreds of Nights (iii)
Artwork: Thomas Trum, Two Red Lines
Artwork (Left to Right): Paige Powell, Andy’s Cubby ; Duke Riley, Studies for to Have, and Have Not ; AS11-40-5875 (NASA), Buzz Aldrin and the U.S. Flag ; Hanna Liden, Yellow Cab ; Ellen Berkenblit, Caleo