Morris Adjmi Architects

Nexus Club New York Art

40 artworks
New York, New York

Located on the 7th floor of an existing 1960’s Lower Manhattan office building, Nexus Club New York is a new model for private social and business clubs offering more than 34,000 square feet of carefully curated amenities. To cater specifically to member use and ensure cohesion between the diverse range of spaces, a comprehensive artwork program was developed by MA to complement our custom-designed millwork and hand-selected furnishings.

While the whole facility has a unified feeling expressed through the seamless interaction of the art and design, transitions between unique areas were made meaningful and distinctive through the content and scale of the selected artworks. 

MA's services included the development of the artwork program and key plan, artwork selection services, as well as program management and direction for the acquisition, commission, transport, framing, placement, installation, and photographic documentation for the selected pieces. 

In total, the club's art program consists of more than 40 works of art, including sculptures, photographs, paintings, and various other mixed-media installations.