Morris Adjmi Architects

540 West 26th

143,000 square feet
8 stories
New York, New York

In the heart of New York City’s gallery district in Chelsea, this commercial building has a façade constructed of factory sash windows in a bead-blasted aluminum frame. Inside, blackened steel, finished concrete, and salvaged wood reflect the neighborhood’s post-industrial character.

540 West 26th Street is an 8-story commercial building offering contemporary loft-style offices and large exhibition spaces in the heart of Chelsea. 

Rising on the site of a former parking lot, the design pays homage to the warehouses of the neighborhood’s past with a façade of large factory-sash windows set in a bead-blasted recessed aluminum grid that gives the rigorous geometric fascia a sense of depth.

Inside, a restrained palette of blackened steel, finished concrete, handstitched leather, and salvaged wood further reflects Chelsea’s post-industrial character while adding texture to the refined, almost minimalist spaces. 

The building’s lower levels are specifically designed for gallery and exhibition space, offering curators versatile, well-lit rooms. The office spaces above are similarly flexible, with generous floor plans, and natural light that penetrates deep into the building.

A restrained palette of patinaed steel, finished concrete, and handstitched leather reflects Chelsea’s post-industrial character while adding texture to 540 West 26th Street’s refined spaces.