Morris Adjmi Architects

The Rockaway Hotel

72,000 square feet
6 stories, 53 keys
Queens, New York

The Rockaway Hotel is a new getaway inspired by the history and fabric of the beachfront neighborhood—a unique place where New York City’s urban grid meets the Atlantic Ocean. Featuring a curated blend of guest rooms, furnished apartments, bars and restaurants, and community-focused amenity spaces, the mixed-use hospitality development will serve as a year-round destination for locals and visitors, alike.

In recent years, Rockaway has seen a surge of popularity, but the beachfront community has been a destination for New Yorkers for hundreds of years. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was a seaside getaway with an amusement park, luxury hotels, and thousands of bungalows.

Essential to local character, these humble and eclectic bungalows were an essential reference for the hotel’s massing and façade design. The mid-rise height of the new six-story building was carefully considered to avoid overshadowing the historic clapboard houses. Zinc paneling was selected to echo their color and form.

In its massing and programming, special care was also taken to prioritize the hotel’s views of both the New York City skyline and the Atlantic Ocean. Inside and out, the hotel captures Rockaway’s rare and authentic blend of relaxed beach town vibes and big-city verve.

Within, the interior architecture was designed to reflect the spirit of Rockaway—casual and approachable with a sense of lighthearted novelty. Open concept plans and honest materials were selected in collaboration with Curious Yellow Design to cultivate a cool and comfortable environment.

Abundant live greenery softens the ambiance and adds biophilic vibrancy to the hotel’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

In addition to traditional guest rooms, the Rockaway Hotel’s furnished apartments offer a unique opportunity to create a temporary home away from home.

Design & Construction