Morris Adjmi Architects

ROOST Midtown

32,000 square feet
2 floors, 27 keys
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two floors of former office space were converted into 27 furnished apartments that reflect the ROOST mantra: “comfort, place, and enlightenment.” In designing ROOST Midtown, MA helped define the ROOST brand for every future location.

The flagship ROOST hotel is located in the historic Packard Building in Midtown Philadelphia. At first, the drab office spaces did not appear particularly accommodating as a canvas to create comfortable extended-stay apartment units, but hidden behind the dropped ceiling, and the cords and cables it concealed, was a beautifully ornate coffered plaster ceiling. 

The building's restored ceilings became the focal point of the design. The new apartment interiors accentuate the highly detailed plaster ceilings, corbels, and moldings with clean lines and a subtle palette of refined materials, including oak herringbone floors and stone countertops. Built-in shelves and seating nooks are painted to match the original dark steel window frames.

To give each room warmth and authenticity, all apartments include custom credenzas, desks, and kitchen islands. Additional furnishings, art objects, and textiles selected from an array of designers, artisans, and vintage collections make every ROOST apartment feel like home.