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Currents, curated by Alex Feim, proposes viewing a cross-section of work by a range of New York-based artists as a series of currents. Currents are not movements—at least not in the modernist sense of big, imperfect, ‘isms,’ or groups of artists—but suggest fluidity, as well as shared sensibilities and approaches, and connections across generations and mediums.

Surveying a range of small-scale work, connecting threads include materially inventive approaches to abstraction; oblique depictions of figures and creatures; and work that considers the built environment as a source of inspiration, with approaches to the everyday that are both playful and sincere.

Click here to view the Digital Checklist of works on view. 

The exhibition will be on view through December 22, open by appointment Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM. 

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Redoubt by Tim Campbell
Double Blind Limited Variant Edition by Colette Robbins
Interior Shadows, from the series Real Spaces by Robin Crookall

Participating Artists:

Samuel Alexander Forest, Kerri Ammirata, Chellis Baird, Sammy Bennett, Timothy Bergstrom, Natalie Birinyi, Sonya Blesofsky, Lesley Bodzy, Tim Campbell, SiSi Chen, Robin Crookall, Janos Cseh, Ryan DaWalt, Emily Davidson, Will Douglas, Chris Fahey, Natalie Fizer, Priscilla Fusco, Jare Friedman, Chambliss Giobbi, Matthew Giordano, Lauren Anaïs Hussey, Will Kaplan, Debbi Kenote, Coco Klockner, Kerry Law, Sidian Liu, Leonora Loeb, Matt Logsdon, Jennifer Macdonald, Matthew Mahler, Ru Marshall, Ruth Marten, Victoria Martinez, Kian McKeown, Andrew Moeller, Pol Morton, Sutton Murray, Steve Mykietyn, Steven Pestana, Fred Poisson, Edd Ravn, Lydia Ricci, Colette Robbins, Esther Ruiz, Cordy Ryman, Peter Schenck, Mark Sengbusch, Kate Sherman, Sophia Sobers, Taylor Stewart, Christine Stiver, Christina Sucgang, Orli Swergold, Elise Thompson, Marcos Valella, Joshua Caleb Weibley, Kalina Winters, Jack Arthur Wood, Rachel Yanku, Angelica Yudasto.

Wade by Elise Thompson
Love Letter to Wyoming and William by Jack Arthur Wood

Opening Night

Charlie Hustle (editions 4, 5, and 13 of 20) by Will Douglas
Sweeps by Christine Stiver
Untitled (green) by Christina Sucgang