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Architecture of Scent | Wood Symphony

The Architecture of Scent | Wood Symphony is an investigation of the olfactory experience and building of scent-in-design. The deep sensory immersion created by The Pyramid Collective + Bio Alchemy Olfactive explores architectural scentscapes of natural botanical origin, sourced and distilled from Michelle K. Gagnon’s travels around the world. Bioactive installations invite you to open your senses, excite your nose, and explore connections between and among the botanical world, art, design, and architecture.

The attraction of natural scent is a powerful inchoate desire. For many of us, only in the wild can we solve the paradox of solitude and sensation we seek. Wandering among the trees and grasses and flowers, we rediscover and perhaps reimagine our roots. Senses come alive. We awaken to the redolent breeze.

The Architecture of Scent | Wood Symphony is an investigation of olfactory experiences and scentscapes designed to explore connections between the botanical world, art, and architecture. Bioactive constructions and installations created by The Pyramid Collective + Bio Alchemy Olfactive are imbued with multiple layers of natural aromatics artisanally distilled around the world.

Scent is built up in an architectural process of accretion. Handmade papers are brushed with layers of botanical solutions and rare distillates of thousands of handpicked wildflowers and plants. Remnant Bio Cork has been repurposed, burned, sculpted, finished with natural varnish, and soaked in essence. The result is transporting—a synesthetic invitation.

Opening Night

The Pyramid Collective + Bio Alchemy Olfactive is a collaboration between Michelle K. Gagnon, Antonello Patella, and David M. Gross. Gagnon is the founder and chief alchemist of Bio Alchemy Olfactive—an environmentally-focused aromatic design lab forging meaningful connections between humanity and earth. With profound admiration for botanical species native to climate zones across the world, Bio Alchemy Olfactive is committed to the conservation of ecosystems that allow these plants to thrive, as well as the local and indigenous communities that have cultivated them for centuries.